Are Ignition Interlocks a Dangerous Distraction?

Driver with booze_car accident lawyerIgnition interlock devices (IID) are designed to increase roadway safety by preventing intoxicated individuals from operating motor vehicles, but studies reveal that these mechanisms may actually ra...

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Most Common Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

paperwork_credit repairThe Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was put in place to protect consumers against the misreporting and misuse of credit information. If collectors, creditors, or credit reporting agencies fail to adhere to the...

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Don’t Be the Victim of a Hotel Swimming Pool Accident This Summer

hotel pool_las vegas accident lawyerHotel swimming pools are presumed safe by guests, but many have hidden dangers that cause serious injuries. Hotel pool accidents occur frequently to guests who...

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Rising Identity Theft Figures Prove the Need for Better Consumer Awareness

identity theft hacker screen_fcra attorneyIdentity theft rose by 16 percent in 2016, indicating the need for increased consumer awareness. Criminals are becoming more adept at committing fraud. They quickly find...

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Shocked to Death in the Workplace

electrician, personal injuryEach year, at least 10 percent of U.S. workers die from electrocution in work-related accidents. A personal injury lawyer commonly sees severe burn injuries, as well as fatalities, caused by faulty wiring, ...

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When Debt Collectors Make Empty Threats

desperate woman with money on blackboard, FDCPA ViolationDebt collectors use many methods to try to pressure people into paying their debts immediately. Some of these techniques are intimidating, embarrassing, and even...

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Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities Spike: What is to Blame?

pedestrian on street, pedestrian accidentThe number of pedestrian traffic fatalities has increased significantly in the past two decades with an 11 percent rise in 2016, and experts say driver and pedestrian distraction may be to blame. read more

Privacy & The Fair Credit Reporting Act

confidential in red, fcra attorneyThe Fair Credit Reporting Act helps protect consumer privacy by limiting access to personal financial data. The FCRA has strictly defined parameters that entities must follow in order to...

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When Leaps & Bounds Lead to Broken Bones

child in Trampoline, personal injuryTrampolines are responsible for causing roughly 100,000 injuries per year. From 2002 to 2011, these summertime toys sent more than 1 million people to hospital emergency rooms. Approximately 95% of trampo...

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Recognizing a Debt Collection Scam

fake in red, debt lawyerDebt collection scams continue to flourish throughout the United States and thousands of unsuspecting victims are being caught off guard. Believing that they are in fact settling up on a legitim...

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