Bright Ideas for Fire Safety During the Holidays [infographic]

Installing safe holiday lighting and following fire safety tips for decorating can prevent fires that result in serious injuries and significant property damages during the holiday season. If you or a family member was seriously injured in an accident, call a Las Vegas injury lawyer at Cogburn Law Offices today for a free case consultation.


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How Las Vegas is Using Technology to Become Safer, Faster, and Cleaner

a control monitor, las vegas accident attorneyLas Vegas is testing smart technology functions that will provide benefits to the city. The downtown district is a testing center where multiple city programs are being tested for technology be...

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What To Do When Identity Theft Happens

a hacker, fcra attorneyPrompt action including the issuance of fraud alerts and contacting creditors is essential when identity theft happens. In 2016, it was estimated that 15.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft. These crim...

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New “Smart Tires” Roll with the Future of Safety

car new tire, car accidentNew “smart tires” use special sensors and compressors to control tire pressure and help tires adapt to different road conditions. These advanced technologies can help to prevent car accidents that result in injuri...

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Accusations Are Mounting Against RoundUp Pesticide

poisonous pesticide, personal injuryRecent reports have categorized Roundup pesticide, a popular weed-killer, as a carcinogen to humans. Data reveals a link between the active chemical ingredient, glyphosate, and various illnesses...

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Is Your Debt Consolidation Company a Rip-Off?

get me out of here on enter key, credit repairThere are plenty of credit repair companies that promise the moon but then leave consumers high and dry or awash in new debts. It is crucial for consumers to know the signs o...

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Why Are Women Suing the Makers of this Cancer-Fighting Drug?

drugs, personal injuryTaxotere, a chemotherapy drug used for breast cancer patients, is causing permanent hair loss in women. Medical studies show that permanent and severe alopecia is a newly reported complication of the canc...

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Are You Married to Your Spouse’s Premarital Debt?

getting marriedGetting married in Nevada does not mean that individuals marry their spouse's premarital debts. Creditors cannot pursue individuals for debts their spouse acquired prior to the date of marriage. This can include student loan...

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Autonomous Cars Will Communicate with the World Around Them [Infographic]

Autonomous cars are equipped with advanced communication features that allow drivers to perform a variety of computerized functions from mapping destination locations to checking personal heart rates and blood pressure readings.

Autonomous Car Technology

With the introduction of smartphones, technology experienced many advances in communication systems. As consumer demands increased an...

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Some Property Is Off-Limits to Debt Collectors in Nevada

closeup of hundred dollar billsNevada statutes and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act provide numerous protections for individuals facing collections actions. These protections limit the actions creditors may ta...

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