What To Do if the Driver Who Caused Your Accident Is Under the Influence

Car accidents can be devastating, even when both drivers are fully sober and alert. An accident that happens due to the influence of drugs or alcohol is much more likely to happen and can cause even more severe injuries. It’s because of the lack of safety that comes from driving under the influence that getting behind the wheel...

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How Can Social Media Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Social media is a large part of many of our lives, with people in all generations taking to the internet to connect with their families, friends, and the rest of the world. These platforms are such a prevalent part of our lives that we don’t even think twice about sharing where we are, what we’re doing, and what we had for lunch. While posting online may seem harmless, it can come with conseque...

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Who Is Liable in Research-Related Injuries?

Clinical trials are an essential step of the medical development process. Thanks to these studies, researchers can better understand the impact of a treatment on patients, identify side effects and other safety concerns, and receive FDA approval to legally sell and market treatments for patients who need them. Without clinical trials, we’d have thousands of potentially dangerous treatments avai...

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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

An accident can turn your life on its head – you may face unexpected medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and an uphill battle to recovery. A personal injury claim can help address all of these consequences and more. One of the most common questions we hear is “What is my personal injury case worth?” The answer depends on a number of factors, but in general insurers and attorneys valuat...

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What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Car insurance terminology can be confusing. As a responsible driver, you know that Nevada law requires you to have insurance. However, you might not know what types of insurance are required and how your policy limits might affect your liability and compensation following a car accident. Knowing the different types of insurance can help you make informed decisions about your current coverage an...

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7 Safety Tips to Prevent Nevada Boating Accidents

We have the benefit of living in an area where the weather for boating lasts year-round. However, this flexibility also has a dark side. Boating accidents are common throughout Nevada and can lead to serious injury and wrongful death. By observing a few simple tips, you can reduce your risk of injury and enjoy safe days on the water. If you've been injured on a lake in a Nevada, contact a read more

How Does the Sharing Economy Affect My Personal Injury Liability?

share words on blocks, personal injurySince guidelines and laws that impact liability vary by city and state, participation in a sharing economy presents liability risks. By now, most people have probably used an read more

What Is the “No Injury, No Response” Car Accident Law in Nevada?

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Metropolitan Police Department have enforced a “no injury, no response” car accident policy since March 3rd, 2014. The law went into effect to free valuable law enforcement time and resources for more serious accidents that cause personal injuries. According to the law, police will not respond to minor injuries, or those that don’t cause injuries or deaths. This does n...

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How Dangerous Are Slips and Fall Accidents?

Slips and falls are more than just an inconvenience; they can be dangerous occurrences with long-lasting consequences. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of all accidental injury in the United States. They represent a significant portion of all emergency-department visits, at 2...

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What You Need to Know About Nevada’s Good Samaritan Laws

Many states have passed Good Samaritan laws to encourage bystanders to act and help in emergency situations. These laws came about to combat growing fears of causing more damage and ending up in a lawsuit for trying to help accident victims. Nevada has a Good Samaritan law, found in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Section 41.500. Here’s a...

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