Have You Received Texts From a Debt Collector?

man reading a notification message, fdcpa violationsThe Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not specifically address text messages, email, and other modern forms of communication, however, that doesn't necessarily mean debt ...

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Does Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Have an Emergency Plan in Place?

an ambulance, nursing home neglect attorneyFederal law requires skilled nursing homes that are federally funded by Medicare and Medicaid to establish emergency plans with written evacuation procedures that protect patients f...

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Spring Break Brings Spike in Car Crashes

Popular spring break locations across the country show a significant rise in traffic-related accidents, injuries and fatalities, compared to other times of the year.

Spring Break Traffic Fatalities

Spring break, a popular event that brings large crowds of young people to hot spots each year, also results in a significant rise in car cras...

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Are Credit Report Errors Making You Look Risky?

error words in red, debtNearly 20% of consumer credit reports contain errors that can have a significant impact on an individual's finances including loan denials, higher interest rates, and other negative financial outcomes. These mistakes ...

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Recent Bridge Collapse Brings Awareness to Construction Risks

a road bridge, accident lawyerThe recent bridge collapse at Florida State University has drawn attention to the safety of a rapid bridge construction technique that is used to erect bridges throughout the United States. The Florida bridge ...

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3 Things to Consider Before You Pay that Debt

a man holding his debt, debt lawyerDebt collectors will go to great lengths to collect payments from consumers, and consumers should know their rights prior to making payments when a debt collector contacts them. In 2016 alone, there wer...

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Spring Forward with this Safety Checklist [infographic]

When Daylight Savings Time arrives, it's time to spring forward and check home safety features. Moving the clock forward each spring provides the perfect yearly reminder to inspect items around the house that can create safety hazards and lead to injuries for family members. If you or a family member was seriously injured due to negligence, call a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer read more

Did You Receive a Debt Collection Letter Like This in the Mail?

a mail letter, fdcpa lawyerDebt collectors who utilize deceptive practices in collections letters violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and can be held liable for their actions. The FDCPA protects consumers from abusive tra...

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Street Racing: A Fast and Furious Road to Injuries and Death

street racing, sport car, accident lawyerCities across the country, including Las Vegas, are experiencing a rise in illegal street racing that's putting thousands of people in the hospital each year from serious injuries and fata...

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Losing Evidence Could Be Detrimental to Your Credit Report

a reportFailing to provide evidence to prove that an error is real and that actual harm has been caused can result in losing disputes with credit bureaus about inaccuracies on credit reports. It is common for credit bureaus to "lose" o...

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