Who Is Liable for Injuries at the Gym?

gym center view, personal injury lawyerGym injuries caused by negligence may be covered under premises liability claims under certain conditions.

Common Gym Injuries

Liability for injuries at...

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New Rules for Medical Debt Reporting Could Impact Millions of Consumers

Image of a credit reportNew rules regarding the reporting of medical debt on credit reports could benefit tens of millions of consumers. Under the changes, credit bureaus are required to wait 180 days before placing any unpaid medical bills ...

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Deathproof Cars Could Be on the Roads by 2020 [infographic]

Volvo, the well-known Swedish automaker, is planning to launch a series of self-driving, deathproof vehicles by 2020. With the help of autonomous technologies, the company is promising no serious injuries or fatalities in their cars or SUVs. Volvo has always promoted vehicle safety through car design that focuses on injury prevention, but the announcement of deathproof vehicles is a first. If y...

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It’s Time to Get a Grip on Hot Tub Accidents

Hot Tubs provide relaxation and health benefits, but serious injuries can occur if proper safety measures are not taken to prevent accidents.

Hot Tub Safety

Many people use hot tubs for relaxation and therapy for aching muscles, but without proper safety measures, hot tub accidents can result in serious injuries and even death. Common hot tub-related injuri...

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When Dementia Patients Wander [infographic]

Dementia patients who wander away from nursing homes face significant injury and fatality risks due to external dangers and cognitive impairments. Elopement, when a dementia patient wanders out of a home or nursing facility and does not return, is considered the most dangerous type of wandering with a higher risk of serious injuries and death. If you or a family member was seriously injured in ...

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Pending Bill Would Allow Debt Collection Attorneys to Abuse Consumers

attorney pointing to a law suit paperThe provisions within HR 4550 sponsored by Representatives Gonzalez and Mooney would exempt attorneys from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and remove oversight of lawyers engaged in litigatio...

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Air Guns Can Kill

air gun, personal injury lawyerAir guns are responsible for thousands of accidental injuries numerous fatalities each year in the United States. BB and pellet guns often cause permanent eye injuries, deep puncture wounds that leave nerve d...

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Avoid These Mistakes When Disputing Credit Report Errors

hand holding an error sign, credit repairConsumers have the right to dispute incorrect information contained in their credit reports, but it is important that consumers follow the right procedures when disputing these errors to achieve sa...

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How to Survive Driving in the City

cars running in city street, car accident lawyerFor drivers who are not used to busy streets, traffic jams, bumper-to-bumper congestion, a continuous array of traffic signals and signs, and large numbers of bicyclists an...

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Can Late Payments Be Reported After Bankruptcy Is Filed?

bankrupt words on blocks, fcra attorneyThere are certain guidelines that creditors must follow when a consumer files bankruptcy and it is a violation of the FCRA for creditors to report negative activity that occurred after the bankruptc...

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