Are You Married to Your Spouse’s Premarital Debt?

getting marriedGetting married in Nevada does not mean that individuals marry their spouse's premarital debts. Creditors cannot pursue individuals for debts their spouse acquired prior to the date of marriage. This can include student l...

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Autonomous Cars Will Communicate with the World Around Them [Infographic]

Autonomous cars are equipped with advanced communication features that allow drivers to perform a variety of computerized functions from mapping destination locations to checking personal heart rates and blood pressure readings.

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Some Property Is Off-Limits to Debt Collectors in Nevada

closeup of hundred dollar billsNevada statutes and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act provide numerous protections for individuals facing collections actions. These protections limit the actions creditors may ta...

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New Study Drives Home the Importance of Collision Avoidance Systems

collision, car accidentAccording to the Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles with collision avoidance systems are involved in fewer accidents and injury-related car crashes. This safety technolo...

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Unsafe Eclipse Glasses Could Leave Victims Seeing Stars

people wearing eclipse sunglassesScientists warn that fake eclipse glasses can cause burned retinas and irreversible eye damage. Thousands of unsafe eclipse glasses were recently sold by various manufacturers and retailers across the coun...

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Property a Judgement Creditor Cannot Take

hundred dollar billsThere are a number of assets and sources of income that a creditor cannot seize in a civil proceeding. These exempt assets make it possible for debtors to get back on their feet following a period...

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New Legislation Could Expand the Scope of the FDCPA

law gavel, fdcpa violationLegislation sponsored by Utah Representative Mia Love aims to restrict the collection practices debt collectors have available to them. H.R. 864 would classify those who buy debt as debt coll...

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High-Tech Cars Could Be Under Attack

cyber-security, car accidentAs cars become more digital, they also become more vulnerable to cyber criminals who can hack into their control systems. This danger poses a variety of risks for owners of new high-tech cars.

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Was a Vehicle Defect Behind Your Car Accident?

Was a vehicle defect the reason for your accident?Although U.S. federal safety standards apply to all vehicles and vehicle-related equipment, vehicle defects are responsible for thousands of accidents that occur each year. read more

Major Employers Violate the FCRA

violations sign, fcraThe Fair Credit Reporting Act has numerous provisions in place that are designed to protect workers and job applicants, however, a number of employers have walked right over these "red lines." When these rights ar...

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