Motor Vehicle Accident

Street Racing: A Fast and Furious Road to Injuries and Death

Cities across the country, including Las Vegas, are experiencing a rise in illegal street racing that's putting thousands of people in the hospital each year from serious injuries and fatalities. This popular trend is attracting the interest of many teenage boys who see it as a way to get fast thrills from an adrenaline rush behind the wheel. Although street racing has been around since the in...

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Why It Is Critical That Everyone Obtain Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage In Nevada

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are on the rise in Nevada. When motor vehicle accidents occur, physical injuries and damages often result. Consequently, as the number of accidents on our streets and roadways are increasing, Nevadans are being injured and harmed every single day. More often than not, these accidents are the direct result of the negligence and/or recklessness of another perso...

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