Pedestrian Accident

What Is the “No Injury, No Response” Car Accident Law in Nevada? In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Metropolitan Police Department have enforced a “no injury, no response” car accident policy since March 3rd, 2014. The law went into effect to free valuable law enforcement time and resources for more serious accidents that cause personal injuries. According to the law, police will not respond to minor injuries, or those that don’t cause injuries or dea... read more
What You Need to Know About Nevada’s Good Samaritan Laws Many states have passed Good Samaritan laws to encourage bystanders to act and help in emergency situations. These laws came about to combat growing fears of causing more damage and ending up in a lawsuit for trying to help accident victims. Nevada has a Good Samaritan law, found in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Section 41.500. Here’s a... read more
5 Tips for Staying Safe While Walking the Las Vegas Strip Pedestrian injuries and deaths are unfortunately quite common on the infamous Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, and 2017 was the deadliest year in history for pedestrians in Clark County, with 77 pedestrian deaths. This was a shocking 35.09% jump from 57 pedestrian deaths... read more
Parking Garages in Las Vegas Are Prime Breeding Grounds for Slip and Fall Dangers a car in a parking garage, slip and fall lawyersLas Vegas self-park garages at casinos and hotels often ignore safety issues that put drivers and patrons in danger of injuries from slip a... read more
Pedestrian Barriers Make Their Way to the Strip pedestrian barriers on street, las vegas accident lawyerRecently, the first phase of pedestrian barriers was installed on the Las Vegas Strip to prevent motor vehicles from crashing into pedestrians. In 2017, Nevada saw the highest numb... read more
Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities Spike: What is to Blame? pedestrian on street, pedestrian accidentThe number of pedestrian traffic fatalities has increased significantly in the past two decades with an 11 percent rise in 2016, and experts say driver and pedestrian distraction may be to blame. read more