Short Sale

Rebuilding Credit Following a Short Sale After a short sale, Nevadans may expect their credit scores to drop significantly, but there are steps that they can take to rebuild their credit. In short sales, banks or mortgage companies agree to allow distressed borrowers to sell their homes for less than the balance that they owe on their mortgages. A short sale is thus simi... read more
How Long Should A Short Sale Take? Banks may take days, weeks or months to approve a short sale. To minimize frustration, buyers of short sale properties can conduct due diligence to make certain that their offers are reasonable. They may also want to understand the process of short sales approval so that they have a better idea of what to expect. A Nevada real estate attorney may help his or her clients with researching the com... read more
Taxes Impacted by Short Sale Laws Home For Sale Real Estate Sign, Short SaleSome homeowners may owe taxes on short sales. Homeowners in the Las Vegas area and around the country are struggling with mortgage debt. Even if this debt is fo... read more
Preparing for a Short Sale A house, preparing a short saleCompleting a short sale requires thorough preparation and documentation. Executing a short sale in Nevada can take several months so it is important that everything is properly prepared... read more
Nonjudicial Foreclosures in Nevada Image of a house, real estateNonjudicial foreclosure commonly occurs when homeowner associations (HOAs) attempt to seek payment for super-priority liens that they place on homeowners in order to collect overdue HOA fees. The... read more
Extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Makes Short Sales an Attractive Option Clean exterior home, short saleA little-publicized extension of the Mortgage Extension and Debt Relief Act of 2007 has made short sales in Las Vegas a viable alternative to foreclosure. Though short sales in Nevada ... read more
Real Estate Market in Nevada on the Upswing Image of a house for short sale, real estateMany people end up facing foreclosure in Nevada, and when they are in danger of losing their homes, negotiating short sales are far better options than letting the homes go to foreclosu... read more
Qualifying Hardships For Short Sales hand giving another hand a key, short saleDespite their best intentions, extenuating circumstances place homeowners in situations where they are unable to make their mortgage payments. Homeowners may use a sho... read more
Inexperienced Realtors Can Ruin A Short Sale An elegant house, short saleRelying on an inexperienced realtor for a short sale can cost thousands of extra dollars. Short sales are much more complicated than standard sales. Many realtors do not have experience negotiating directly ... read more
How a Short Sale in Las Vegas Works A house on sale, short saleThe concept of a short sale is simple enough. However, the actual process can be involved, slow-moving and frustrating. This is especially true for people uninformed about state laws on deficiency judgm... read more