Wrongful Death

What Are Nevada’s Distracted Driving Laws? “Distracted driving” is a term to describe any type of behavior that causes a driver to stop paying attention to the road. Numerous activities can become distractions such as texting and driving or drunk driving, and some states have enacted laws prohibiting ... read more
How To Calculate the Value of a Wrongful Death Case A wrongful death claim allows the surviving loved ones of a deceased individual to recover compensation when the deceased’s death happened due to negligence or an intentional act. Many types of compensation may be available to wrongful death claimants, depending on the type of claim, the economic situation of the deceased, and state law... read more
Can a Murder Victim’s Estate Sue for Wrongful Death? A wrongful death claim can effectively take the place of an injury claim when the victim dies from his or her injuries or illness. Typically, wrongful death claims arise from negligence, or one party’s failure to exercise appropriate care in each situation. However, it is possible for a claim to arise from an intentional tort, such as m... read more
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What Is the “No Injury, No Response” Car Accident Law in Nevada? In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Metropolitan Police Department have enforced a “no injury, no response” car accident policy since March 3rd, 2014. The law went into effect to free valuable law enforcement time and resources for more serious accidents that cause personal injuries. According to the law, police will not respond to minor injuries, or those that don’t cause injuries or dea... read more
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