Hidden Dangers On The Playground

Playground owners have a legal duty to keep their grounds and equipment safe for visitors, but children are seriously injured in playground accidents every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an estimated 200,000 children are injured in playground accidents every year and are treated at the emergency department. Of that number, 20,000 suffer traumatic brain injuries. When an injury happens because of an unsafe condition that exists and that should reasonably have been discovered or that the owner knows about, a Las Vegas accident lawyer may work to recover damages to pay for the incurred losses.

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infographic_Hidden Dangers On The Playground


Playground Dangers

There are several common causes of playground accidents that are preventable. Some accidents happen because of poor supervision by staff at daycares and elementary schools. Employees may be distracted by their smartphones and fail to appropriately supervise the children in their care. Children are also commonly injured in slips, trips, and falls while they are at playgrounds. These accidents may happen from falling from equipment, slipping in water that has pooled from sprinkler use, tripping over rubber flooring, rocks, nails or debris or by children’s shoes getting caught in potholes or drains. Poorly maintained playgrounds may also result in accidents. Private entities and municipalities have a duty to keep their grounds and equipment in a good state or repair and to regularly maintain them. Finally, child-on-child injuries and dog bites at public parks also are common causes of injuries on playgrounds.

Keeping Kids Safe

Adults can take several steps to keep children under their care safe while they are at playgrounds. People should not take children to play at playgrounds that have poorly maintained equipment and grounds. Parents may want to inspect the equipment to make certain that there aren’t rusty spots, protruding nails and other problems. They should also make certain that there is a sufficient amount of soft material under monkey bars and slides to cushion children if they fall. Adults who are supervising children should pay attention to the children under their care at all times and avoid talking or texting on their cell phones. Adults should not allow children to play on equipment that is designed for older children, and they should watch out for stumps, rocks and other tripping hazards.

Playground injuries can be serious. A Las Vegas accident lawyer wants adults to help children to remain safe when they are visiting playgrounds.